Aims and Values

‘Expanding our horizons with contagious enthusiasm’

 At Holywell we are:

  • Energised and independent learners
  • Curious and confident in seeking  new experiences
  • Caring and respectful of our community and the environment
  • Determined to achieve the best for ourselves and our school
  • Active and ambitious as part of the wider world
  • Making contributions and decisions that have a positive impact now and in the future
This is brought to the children through the use of the ‘5 R’s for Learning’ which are explored as appropriate for each age group. The 5 R’s are: Resilience, Responsibility, Readiness, Resourcefulness and being Reflective.

Christian Values: As a Church School all our work is underpinned by Christian Values. Over the course of two years we support the work in school through these twelve values.

Our Strategic goals are:

To maintain an Outstanding judgement  by Ofsted and achieve Excellence across all 7 areas of the SIAMS framework.

To provide excellent inclusive education which will nurture the talents of  every single individual.

For our staff to become experts and leaders in their field and support the work of research and teaching schools

 We aim to achieve these goals by:

  • Promoting Christian values and an understanding of the meaning and significance of the Christian faith. We encourage our pupils to apply these skills in all that they do.
  • Creating a happy and secure school community in which all individuals feel valued and respected. We believe that high self esteem, self confidence and happiness are central to our work.
  • Enabling all our children to become enquiring, responsible, resourceful and reflective young people, ready to face the future with confidence, resilience and to challenge themselves in a rapidly changing world to become lifelong learners.
  • Providing high standards and expectations, within a broad and balanced curriculum, which inspires and motivates our children to become active, effective learners who achieve their very best.
  • Creating stimulating learning environments both inside and outside the classroom where curiosity and enjoyment are encouraged for all and therefore promoting the development of self reliance, self motivation, self discipline and independence.
  • Building strong partnerships with parents and carers, encouraging their active involvement in their child’s learning and valuing their contributions.
  • Providing training to grow future educational leaders to drive forward improvements within our own school.
The force that drives these goals are the 5 drivers that act as the foundation of our curriculum:
Eco, Global, SMSC, Enterprise and Outdoor Learning