Welcome to our Class Blog. Very are very proud to share some of our work with you.

Week beginning 3rd June

What a great week! We have been bowling, swimming and met a real-life author! We even managed to write some plays, learn about separating materials and how to read timetables as well! Great fun learning all round.

Week beginning 22nd April

The children have come back ready for the summer term, invigorated from the Easter break. This week we have been exploring autobiographies ready to write our own in the weeks to come as Egyptian pharaohs. The children have written about significant events in their lives. We have heard some great, funny stories!

Mrs Haynes helped the children all plant a sunflower seed as part of a competition run by Frosts garden centre in Brampton. On Friday afternoon, we started making our plastic bottle greenhouse. The frame was kindly made by Mrs Rhodes’ dad. We still need some 2 litre clear, round bottles if you have any to complete our greenhouse. Please send in with your child. We need about 60 more.

Week beginning 1st April

The children enjoyed a Blue Smiley reward on Thursday with a PE day. They enjoyed a boot camp, measuring their heart rates and plotting on a line graph. Later they worked in groups to invent a new game and write instructions for this. (Had to get some Maths and English in somehow!!) In the afternoon, they enjoyed exploring the large apparatus in the hall.

What a great recycled fashion show! The children all created fabulous outfits, catwalked like pros and described each other’s outfits beautifully! Great job everyone!

The children have worked very hard this term and we hope they have a great Easter break.

Week beginning 25th March

We had a fab time this week creating Egyptian flat breads (thanks to Mrs Haynes), which we enjoyed eating with honey, dates and raisins as the Ancient Egyptians would have done. We also performed a dance creating our own human pyramids in the sunshine!

The JTAs did a fab job hosting the visiting gritter and presenting an assembly on using bikes/ scooters safely. The class enjoyed finding out about how to ride their bike safely alongside trucks like the gritter as they saw for themselves the lack of visibility the driver would have of cyclists that were too close. We hope they will be even safer now out on the roads.

Week beginning 18th March

Another fab week. We have been busy writing poetry about the treasures of Tutankhamun’s tomb and finding out about shape, position and direction in Maths. On Wednesday, we investigated reflection on the playground.

Week beginning 11th March

What a week!! We have had an exciting Science Week investigating the absorbency of kitchen towels, investigating germs with Public Health England, training like astronauts in PE, finding out about fossilized poop at the Sedgewick Museum and creating a science ‘space’ banner for the Ely Cathedral Science Festival to be displayed later this year!

The class did us all proud at the Corn Exchange on Wednesday night. The children were all fabulous and sang and danced their hearts out. We were delighted to be compared to Diversity by the compere for our superior skills! We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. We could not be prouder!

Week beginning 4th March

We have had a marvellous Book Week this week. The children’s costumes were fab! They proudly read their Rubbish Town Hero stories to Elm class, who all listened beautifully. The children were wonderful at encouraging the younger children with their lovely comments about the Y2 writing and they made me very proud.

Inspired by the Young Uns visit on Wednesday, the children have written amazing poems about Bert Trautmann, who was a German soldier who ended up staying in England after the war to play in goal for Man City!! He broke his neck during the FA Cup Final but kept playing! Now there is some resilience right there! Some of these poems will be on display outside the main office and the rest will be in the classroom in a book.

On Friday, we created a mini allotment for the SFYS concert with Mrs Dunster (Mrs Rhodes’ mum) and practised our song again with Rachel Besley. You will be blown away by their performance!

Week beginning 25th February

What a week we have had!! We had a fabulous time at Clip n Climb thanks to Ella’s superb designing skills. We have had great fun finding out about Howard Carter discovering the tomb of Tutankhamum. Finally on Friday, we were delighted to learn some choreography to accompany our SFYS song with Rachel Besley. Emma and Nathanya impressed us all with their eco friendly clapping rhyme – what eco-warrior superstars!!

Week beginning 11th February

The children had a great week finishing their stories this week. They have all produced some very exciting adventures based on a rubbish dump. We look forward to sharing them with you soon.

Week beginning 4th February

We are thrilled to announce that we have made it to the Sing for your School final at Cambridge Corn Exchange on Wednesday 13th March!! Thank you for everyone who voted. We cannot wait! Further details to follow soon.

This week, we have started our own stories based on Rubbish Town Hero (our class novel). The children have got some great ideas and we look forward to seeing the end results next week.

We had great fun on Wednesday using our compass directions to navigate around the grid to find the mystery words. The children then made up their own trails for their friends. Maybe a game for your family at home?

Now the weather is a bit warmer, the children have begun to start work again on our allotment ready for some more planting next half term. Thank you to Mrs Finkle and Grammy for helping the children with this. We also began our plastic bottle greenhouse thanks to Mrs Haynes. We need lots more 2 litre plastic bottles (the round pop ones are best!) so please keep bringing them in!

On Friday, we continued learning more about the violin and viola. A letter has come home tonight that needs to be signed. Once returned, the children will be allowed to bring their instruments home for half term. Please bring the letter back as soon as possible.

Learning the correct bowing technique using card tubes!

Week beginning 28th January

What a great week we have had! We have explored our class text, Rubbish Town Hero, in more depth this week. The children have written some great pieces thinking about how to use cohesive devices to link the paragraphs.

On Friday, we had our first experience of using the bow in our violin/ viola session on Friday. Margaret again commented how well the children are doing.  Later that afternoon, we used our observation skills to draw the violins and violas. As you can see below, the children did a fabulous job.

Week beginning 21st January

We have had a very musical week this week. The children enjoyed a fab drumming workshop on Tuesday and their weekly violin/ viola lesson on Friday. Margaret, their teacher is very impressed with their progress and is having to plan more as they have moved on so quickly! Every morning this term we have been listening to a different genre of music. We have had pop, hip-hop, rock, country and this week we are listening to classical.

Beech class have been busy working on their newspaper reports about the damage we are doing to the oceans with plastic. The children have written excellent reports that demonstrate how passionate they are about this topic.

In Maths, we have been continuing our work on fractions, decimals and percentages. The children have become much more confident with these and there are some tasks on My Maths to support this. There is also a task about perimeter that we will be learning about next week.

Week beginning 10th June
What great fun we have had this week. The children have been busy in their groups creating a scene for our play of Ma'at's Feather. The children have worked very hard on this and included some excellent stage directions so the actors know how to play their parts. We hope to perform this later in the term for you all. Keep your eyes out for a date coming soon!
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