Our fundamental aim in English is for children to take pleasure in reading, writing, speaking and listening, in order to gain the confidence to communicate their ideas and make the most of opportunities open to them today and in the future.

To achieve this pupils are taught how to read for understanding and enjoyment. They develop resilience to learn how to write accurately and effectively for a purpose. They  have opportunities to listen with respect to others and speak with confidence. These are threaded through the curriculum and through schools ‘Drivers’ as each child makes their journey through the school.

In teaching English, we use high quality texts, within a cross-curricular approach, to engage children’s interest and to teach the craft of the writer. All children have access to class texts, with group discussion an essential part of reading comprehension. Children are encouraged and given opportunities to read and write for pleasure. Emphasis is placed on the precise and creative use of vocabulary and the accuracy of spelling, punctuation and grammar in order to communicate effectively. Opportunities are created, through teaching and by the children themselves, to communicate for a purpose beyond the classroom in a variety of different genres and for real life purposes.