Oak Class 2019-20

Fancy a reading challenge?
Take a look at the Summer Reading Challenge 
and join the Silly Squad!

Hope you’ve enjoyed a good half-term and begun to get out more!

Thank you to those who have kept sending me things on Seesaw and updating me by email. Please keep letting me know how you’re doing. I will be with Year 6 at school, but still want to know how you’re doing.

Since you’re still not back yet, here are some things you could be working on.

The BBC site and Oak Academy are still the best sources of lessons. If you’ve had enough fractions, the Oak Academy site is working through 2-D and 3-D shapes and lines. There are lots of interesting art activities that you could do for these as well. Take a look at how many different types of lines Kandinsky uses in some of his paintings. There  is also a great 2-D to 3-D art lesson on Friday. https://www.thenational.academy/year-3/foundation/optical-illusions-and-using-shading-to-show-form-year-3-wk6-5#slide-1

For reading, the Oxford Owls are a good place to start and for more of a challenge Fiction Express is a good place to look. Let me know which books you've enjoyed reading-a book review we can share?

If you’re looking for something different or would like a bit more writing, try some of the links below.

Virtual tours-many more places to visit!

Pobble 365 writing ideas-there are many more on the site-this is just an example.

Time capsule-a really good way to remember this strange time


Remember to let me know how you are getting on and please contact me if I can support in any way. 


Fancy a trip to the Hay Festival?
Like the author  Cressida Cowell?
Well, why not take a look?
With such lovely summer weather, why not get outside (with your hat and suntan lotion on of course!) and try one of these projects? Maths, art, photography, gardening? Let me know on Seesaw if you try some. Just open the links below.
Have fun!
Fancy a maths challenge? 
Try to escape from the island or take a look around the zoo.
Let me know how you get on!
If you've enjoyed reading The Last Days of Pompeii or you'd like to read something else, take a look at Fiction Express, which you can now read at home for free. You can use the same login and password as last year, but if you've forgotten it, just email me or ask on Seesaw. 
Enjoy your reading and let me know what you've chosen!
If you are having trouble downloading worksheets from White Rose, just let me know which ones and I can send them to you. 

The Royal British Legion calls on the nation to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day from home. 

Look at all the things you could do at home to mark this day. Be creative-a bit of dancing, some bunting, cooking or a song or two? Take a look at the following links for some ideas. Don't forget you can share these on Seesaw. 

Good morning everyone in Oak Class! I hope that you’ve had a good ‘holiday’!

Now that it should be the beginning of the Summer Term, I think it’s time for a bit more learning.

The BBC have launched a new home learning website with a range of videos, games and activities to practise key learning skills for Year 3. There are lessons for every day-after you’ve finished your Joe Wicks workout of course!

Take a look and enjoy your learning:


There are quite a few famous characters to help you with your learning-it looks fun. You can show me how you’re getting on through Seesaw or by sending me work. (Please ask an adult to send your work to me by email if you need to send a different type of document.)


You should still be enjoying your reading. There are lots of free ebooks and famous people reading their books aloud. First News is also free to download for some non-fiction reading. https://subscribe.firstnews.co.uk/free-downloadable-issue/


Take care, stay safe and enjoy your learning!

Mrs Nicholson

World Book Day 
Sharing Stories
Please find below information for the Spring Term.
Fancy a reading challenge?
Well, the Summer Reading Challenge is here https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/home-zone-src 
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