When we are young, how do we know what we will like, what interests we will have and what challenges we might want to take on? It is important that children have the chance to try things out, to get a taste of the world around them, to see and do things that they wouldn’t normally do, or go to places they wouldn’t normally go and to meet people they wouldn’t normally meet. These things are important because a world-class education is about much more than qualifications: it’s also about your character and well-being.

We develop our character from taking on challenges and pursuing our interests, by doing things that are worth doing even when they are difficult and which may not give us an immediate reward. This new ‘passport’ of activities is launched by the Education Secretary to encourage more family time and help build children’s character and resilience.

We have many enrichment activities across the curriculum that children have access to but we would also like to share this ‘Activity Passport’ that your child might like work on each year at home. Alternatively please, pop into the school office to ask for a printed copy.

Below are four of the websites we use at school. X Tables Rock stars has lively pop music linked to x tables to help your child learn these which supports the maths curriculum at school.   Maths Chase also supports a range of key skills in maths. Purple Mash is a lively site that encourages children to develop their skills across the whole curriculum. Fiction Express is an online reading platform for Year 6 and Year 2 during the summer term.

All logins are shared with children at the start of the year.

X Tables Rock Stars

Mathschase No passwords given at school. You can sign up at home.

Purple Mash

Fiction Express