The principle objective of the SIAMS (Statutory Inspection for Anglican and Methodist Schools) inspection is to evaluate the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the school as a church school. Holywell CofE Primary school was judged to be a ‘good’ church school in December 2014.
We are working hard to improve:
  • Children taking an active lead in Collective Worship
  • Evaluating Collective Worship
  • Developing links with the Global Church
  • Protecting the ethos and Values of Holywell as a Church School within a Federation
We  send an annual parental questionnaire out during the spring term to seek views about our school as a Church School.   February 2019 findings were:
Overview of questionnaires returned. Note that where people ‘were not sure' they did not tick a box so views have not been counted meaning some questions are calculated out of 47 and some out of 44
  • 98% agreed + there are a set of clear and explicit Christian values.
  • 98% agreed + that the school teaches Christian values that help children to develop
  • 100% agreed that the school enables my children to develop morally socially
  • 96% agreed + that the school provides opportunities for the cultural development of children
  • 100% agreed+ that the school has high expectations of behaviour which reflect its Christian values.
  • 87% agreed + that Collective Worship is important in the life of the school.
  • 96% agreed + that children are given opportunities for prayer and reflection in school.
  • 94% agreed + that children have a good knowledge and understanding of Christianity.
  • 97% agreed + that children have a good knowledge and understanding of other world faiths.
  • 98% agreed + that their child/ren is progressing well in Religious Education (RE )
  • 100% agreed + that the staff of the school promote Christian values.
  • 98% agreed+ that there are good partnerships with the local Church
  • 98% agreed + that there are good relationships with the local community
These are all of the additional comments from parents and carers in the questionnaires that were returned:
  • Besides the assemblies held in school, the school is highly proactive at promoting faith. There is a new prayer room facility and throughout the year there are events e.g. bring in a cross or bring in a Christmas decoration. ‘Open the Book’ is a weekly occurrence. Pupils learn about other religions through their studies e.g. Islamic traditions in Year 4. The newsletter and other electronic communications frequently mentions events or information regarding the Christian Ethos of the school. Every Remembrance Day the parade meets for a service in the school hall to start the day. The foyer of the school, and displays in the school hall strongly reflect the Christian ethos.
  • The local vicar and local representatives of the church (e.g. Open the Book) attend special assemblies in the school. I am very happy at how the faith is represented in the school. I attend two church services a month with my daughter. I also feel the school is completely inclusive of all major faiths.
  • Multiculturalism/world religions and picking out common moral approaches is something that could be developed further
  • Holywell is a fantastic school which supports its students so they achieve their greatest potential. The pastoral care is exemplary!
  • We are very fortunate to have a supportive local church, with ‘Open the Book’ and regular visits to the church.
  • The children regularly get to attend church and every assembly involves and aspect of Christian Worship and Biblical learning.
  • I love the introduction of the Prayer Space – it has further developed my children’s understanding of Christianity as a World Religion and led to some surprising conversations initiated by my children about Religion on a larger scale.
  • Christian values are evident in the everyday life of Holywell school. Children are encouraged to ‘live’ those values and they are able to see them in actions as staff model them effectively and appropriately. We really enjoy seeing how much the children are learning about other faiths giving them the opportunity to compare with Christianity. We also think that the excellent behaviour standards are partly due to the high expectations which are supported by the Christian ethos and beliefs. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
  • This school teaches good Christian morals and values reinforcing them in the school day and exploring them well.
  • The children enjoy ‘Open the Book’ assemblies. They also like walking to the Church for various services and the tasks they are given when they are there.
  • I would actually prefer if it wasn’t a religious/church school at all.
  • My child is singing her school prayer every day at home, she is asking/ talking more about God. She wrote a letter to one of her little friends saying ‘God will always be in your heart’ – what a lovely influence the school has on her. Thank you.
  • I disagree with some (of the statements) as I feel the Year 1 student are still in the early stages of learning RE, so a sound knowledge is not there yet. I have no doubt this will develop through the years.
  • Could not have chosen a better school. Thank you for all your hard work. It is a blessing that our daughter is part of this great family (Holywell)