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Religious education at Holywell enables every child to flourish and to live life in all its fullness. (John 10:10). It will help educate for dignity and respect encouraging all to live well together.
At Holywell school the pupils and their families can expect an RE curriculum that enables pupils to acquire a rich, deep knowledge and understanding of Christian belief and practice. Parents can expect the use of high-quality resources, for example, the Understanding Christianity resource and for teachers to use an approach that engages with biblical text and theological ideas. The  RE curriculum engages and challenges children through an exploration of core concepts and questions. We provide opportunities for meaningful and informed dialogue with a range of religions and worldviews and for children to  understand the role of foundational texts, beliefs, rituals, and practices and how they help form identity in a range of religions and worldviews. Pupils  explore how these may change in different times, places and cultures. 
At Holywell, RE has a high profile within the curriculum and is a a priority for senior leaders where it is considered an academic subject.The RE curriculum is intrinsic to our Church school’s Christian vision in enabling all pupils to flourish. In addition, the RE curriculum contributes to British values and spiritual moral social and cultural development.
Pupils develop a wide range of skills including enquiry, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and reflection. Pupils have a safe space to explore their own religious, spiritual and/or philosophical ways of seeing, living and thinking, believing and belonging; with opportunities to engage in meaningful and informed dialogue with those of all religions and worldviews.
 Christianity is the majority religion studied in each year group and covers at least 50% of curriculum time. 
The document below outlines our Long Term Plan for the teaching of RE

We received our school Trust Deed from Ely Diocese.
The extract reads: 

Upon trust subject nevertheless to the proviso and declaration hereinafter contained to permit the said premises and all buildings thereon erected or to be erected to be forever hereafter appropriated and used as and be a School for the education of children and adults or children only of the labouring manufacturing and other poorer classes in the Parish of Holywell with Needingworth aforesaid and as a residence for the teacher or teachers of the said school and for no other purposes And it is hereby declared that the said school shall always in Union with and conducted according to the principles and in furtherance of the ends and designs of the Incorporated National Society for promoting the Education of the Poor in the principles of the Ecclesiastical Church.

We are pleased to announce that Holywell is once again taking part in Bishop Stephen's Lent Challenge this year. This is our fifth consecutive year. This year the theme is God's Creation a Gift or A Loan
I am delighted that this year’s Lent Challenge invites us to think about ‘God’s creation – gift or loan’: I hope that through engaging with this material in imaginative and creative ways we will wonder afresh at the beauty and diversity of the world around us – locally and globally – and will think more deeply about how we care for it both now and into the future. I am delighted that we are working together with Christian Aid this year, who work across the world for fullness of life for people in so many countries and contexts.
Bishop Stephen
These resources will support home learning and discussion around Christian Values.
 We enjoy Collective Worship when GenR8 visit. We also enjoy the annual Well Blessing service at the church. This year some of our Year 5 pupils helped to lead the evening service.
 Look below for what some of the children have said about 'Open the Book'