At Holywell, we use our school vision, Flowing, Strengthening, Deepening, to guide our geography curriculum:

  • Flowing – developing a secure understanding of key concepts within physical and human geography.
  • Strengthening – making connections across different geography units, such as the link between physical geography and settlements, or natural resources and trade.
  • Deepening – drawing on purposeful cross-curricular links, such as the impact of physical geography such as rivers on settlements in geography, to enrich understanding of other subjects, such as history, by using this knowledge to explain why civilisations sprung up along the River Nile and Yellow River.

The intent of our geography curriculum is to provide our children with a secure understanding of the key concepts in human and physical geography, as well as how they impact and explain each other. In key stage one, we focus on the local area and environment, before expanding outwards in key stage two, where we aim to expand the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding by exploring the human and physical geography of places around the world that contrast with the United Kingdom. Finally, as a uniquely cross-curricular discipline, we aim, via our geography curriculum, to introduce children to some of the key challenges and policy issues facing the world today, such as climate change and trade economics. 

For more information, please read through our geography overview below:

More information about the National Curriculum for geography, on which our curriculum is based, and useful weblinks to support geography teaching can be found below: