Pupil Premium

Introduction to the Pupil Premium Grant
As a school we receive additional funding to support the needs of disadvantaged pupils. This funding is called the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG). The reason for this grant is that evidence shows children from disadvantaged backgrounds:
  • Generally face extra challenges in reaching their potential at school
  • Often do not perform as well as their peers

The pupil premium grant is designed to allow schools to help disadvantaged pupils by improving their progress and the exam results they achieve.

The individual pupil premium funding that each school receives is based on the number of children on roll entitled to Free School Meals. As a primary school, we receive £1,345 for each eligible child. In addition, we receive £2,345 for each child on roll who is either looked-after, or has previously been so. These are children who, for what ever reason, are not in the care of their parents.

Our Pupil Premium Spending
As a school, we are moving away from a one year pupil premium strategy, and are now starting to think about strategy as a multi-year approach. This is because we know that attainment gaps for disadvantaged children are not closed overnight, and require longer-term thinking. 
When deciding how to spend our Pupil Premium Grant, we make use of resources such as the Education Endowment Foundations pupil premium review and their teaching and learning toolkit, which sets out best practice and the most effective evidence-informed approaches. 
Below you will find our pupil premium spend for this academic year (2020/2021) which also includes our provisional strategy for 2021/2022 as we transition to a longer-term pupil premium strategy. Additionally, you will find our pupil premium spend for last academic year (2019/2020).
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